Welcome to Charm City Mental Health Practice, located in Towson, Maryland. In all likelihood, you are seeking therapy because of some difficulty or crossroad in your life that you wish to address. Maybe you are trying to decide which direction to take. You may have concerns about problems or changes in your relationship, family, career/job, finances, or health. Sometimes, you might be worried about more than one area. Even the happiest, most well-adjusted individuals and families face challenging problems at times and feel they could benefit from the extra support and guidance of a therapist. Clients often find that therapy leads to a significant reduction in feelings of distress, greater personal awareness and insight, increased satisfaction within interpersonal relationships, improved skills for managing stress, or being able to make important changes in their lives. Today, you have already taken the first step toward positive growth and improvement in your well-being.

My intention is to provide a comfortable, authentic, and non-judgmental atmosphere for your personal journey here. I believe everyone has a unique set of talents and gifts, which we will work toward uncovering during the therapy process. We will also explore how these talents and gifts can help you achieve your goals. It is a genuine privilege for me to join with you on a path of self-discovery, and I will look forward to getting to know who you are as we move forward.


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